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Introducing Autumn’s Best Fruit And Veg


It’s time again to add trusty apples to your weekly shop. Picked fresh off the tree in February, March, and April, they’re now the best they’ll be all year!


Minifarms’ passionate apple-expert, Ross, has been in the apple growing business for 55 years.


For the best tasting apples, he recommends Batlow grown apples, or apples from Victoria. This is because cold weather is what gives them a good taste and colour.


Minifarms’ best-selling apple variety is the classic Pink Lady, followed by Ambrosia apples. We also stock Gala, Jazz and Granny Smith apples.


Naturally cut and sealed – perfect for your kids’ lunchboxes – mandarins are also back in season. We’ll first see the Afourer variety, which typically have more seeds and thicker skin.


However, as autumn progresses, we’ll have access to a crowd favourite – Imperials – which are usually almost seedless and the easiest to peel.


If you haven’t already been, now is the time to enjoy grapes. These sweet, juicy morsels are particularly abundant, tasty, and cheap in March.


You’ll also notice strawberry prices begin to drop as we enter the cooler months.


So too will the price of broccoli, which had skyrocketed due to intense heat. Now, as we enter a reprieve, we should see prices come back down again.


Other veggies like green beans, beetroot, cabbage, and capsicums also thrive in mild autumn temperatures.


In particular, Asian greens, which wither in the heat of summer, will begin to flourish in the optimal autumn growing environment.


Brussel sprouts, silverbeet and pumpkin are also expected to make a comeback throughout autumn.


After mid-autumn cheap cabbages will return to market. The delay is due to a dramatic stop in supply after too many were picked immaturely during summer. Consequently, it's taking longer for the crop to come to maturity.


Wondering how to make the most of these new season veggies? Think no further than a hearty casserole.


Pair your pumpkin, green beans, and capsicum, with high-quality beef from David’s Larder, and you’ve got yourself the perfect dinner for a cooler night.


Most autumn veggies also pair well with slow-cooked meat or your favourite roast. Keep an eye on our meet offering for weekly specials, or browse our recipes for more inspiration.


It’s time to embrace autumn by eating seasonal fruit and veg – it’s the tastiest, freshest and cheapest produce on the market!


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