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Enjoy Gas-free Fruit When It’s Naturally Ready


When seasons change, certain fruit and veg are expected to be ready for consumption. Apples are generally great in autumn and melons should be good in summer.


But in reality, because of weather ups and downs often distorting usual crop cycles, produce isn’t always ready to be picked on time.


This is when ethylene gas comes into the equation. Thought of as an aging hormone, it’s commonly used to ripen prematurely picked fruit.


It allows farmers to pick their crops early and then gas them for sale.


After being gassed, the fruit – such as bananas, apples, avocados and more – look the part and present well on supermarket shelves.


But don’t be fooled! Once you take a bite, the taste and texture will be less than ideal – they’re often sour, or completely flavourless.


Just like how all our produce is spray-free, Minifarms doesn’t use ethylene gas to ripen immature fruit. We also don’t pick immature fruit and try to pass it off as being ready to eat.


Instead, we always wait for the produce to ripen naturally before we sell it to you. This way, it’s the highest quality, and better value – as fruit is best priced when picked during its most abundant cycle.


While Minifarms may seem to be behind seasonal schedules, we’re actually perfectly on time with the natural maturity of the crops.


The result is better quality, tastier and cheaper fruit, at a time where it’s naturally at its best!


Due to wild weather patterns – too much heat, and too much rain – last year’s season was delayed up to two months. This year is shaping up to be the same.


So, if there’s something missing from our produce selection, be mindful that it’s still on its way.


While the rest of the market is gassing their immature fruit for prompt sale, Minifarms is patiently waiting for the natural goodness!


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