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What is a Pod?
A Pod is a Minifarms purchasing community. A Pod collectively purchases boxes of fruit and
vegetables via our App from the Sydney Markets. The Pod Order is delivered to the Pod Leader, who divvies up Member orders according to the Pod Packing List. Orders are then picked up by Members from the Pod Location. 

What if there isn’t a Pod near me? 
This is your opportunity to lodge your interest for one, or perhaps even start one yourself! We will continue to keep in touch with you about new Pods popping up in your area.

What is a Starting Box?
A Starting Box is what each Pod Member starts off with each week. It is a basic box that you can add onto during the Ordering Window.

Can I change the items in my Starting Box?
No, these are pre-set by your Pod Leader weekly. You can remove up to three produce items from
your Starting Box each week.


Can I change the amounts of each item in my Starting Box? 
No, these are automatically calculated. If you feel like you are receiving too much or too little in your Starting Box, you can swap box sizes as we have a small, medium and large Starting Box available (which is based on family size).

What is a Shared Box? 
Pod Members can add on to their Starting Boxes by participating in a Shared Box. This means that you are purchasing a share of a box. Once the entire box is purchased, your share is added to your
order. For example, if there are 30 avocados in a full box, and you choose to add 2 to your basket,
the 28 remaining will have to purchased by other Members in your Pod before the Box is added to the Pod Order.

What is a maximum and minimum of a Shared Box?
These are the amounts that you are willing to accept. For example, even if you’d love to have 2
avocados, you’d also be happy with up to 4 avocados. 2 would be your minimum, and 4 would be
your maximum.

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