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What will I earn as a Pod Leader?

Pod Leaders will earn a percentage of their Pod’s spend each week with a tiered remuneration package that rewards tenure and total Pod spend.

How much time will I need to dedicate weekly to the role?

You should expect to dedicate approximately 6 hours each week to each Pod that you own. This includes administrative tasks, set-up time and packing. The most time consuming element of the role is packing your Pod Members’ weekly orders (which we estimate to be between 3-4 hours for a 30 family pod).  This will be done on the same time and day each week.  

What skills do I need?

There are no specific skills you need to be a Pod leader but being organised, entrepreneurial and community-minded most definitely helps! We would also love for you to be an advocate for fresh, seasonal produce and cooking. The role also requires lifting of produce boxes so we would recommend that you are physically able to do this.

What if I need time off?

No problem! Everyone needs time off, and we are happy to accommodate. We normally won't trade over the Christmas and New Year period as Sydney Markets are closed during that time, and your contract with us will also allow you additional time off for you to take at your leisure. If you are unavailable to run your Pod for a period of time we can work together to organise a cover while you are away. 

What happens if I am sick on packing day?

In line with COVID-safe protocols and our hygiene expectations, we would expect you to not pack Members' boxes on packing day if you are unwell. It would be best if had a back up Pod Leader that you could contact, but we are also very happy to try to help if you are absolutely stuck.

Do I need to deliver orders to my Members? 

You will not need to make any deliveries as Pod Members will come and collect their orders from your packing address during the collection window.

Do I need to go to the markets to purchase produce each week? 

No, your Pod’s weekly order will be placed with a Providore who will purchase all the fresh produce on your Pod’s behalf.  The Providore will then deliver the produce to your packing address for you to pack for your Members according to the packing list. 

Does my space need to be undercover?

Yes, it does. This will ensure that the produce stays out of the natural elements whilst it is being packed and waiting for pick up. We will also provide you with a large Eski to store more temperature-sensitive produce (this will be part of your initial start-up package).

Is there an initial investment involved?

Yes.  Like all businesses, there will be an initial start up fee.  We have tried to keep this as lean as possible at $1,000 (plus GST) which will allow us to provide you with a start-up pack of equipment to ensure that your Pod runs successfully.  We also offer development opportunities and provide ongoing Marketing and Admin support so that you can continue to build your business and not have to worry about that side of things! 

I don't have a space available to me at home but am still very keen to do this. Is there any way around this?

There may be some options available in your area with community or church halls. Please email us at to discuss this option further.

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