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Everyday Pantry Just Got Easier and Cheaper

We’ve relocated our Everyday Pantry items so that you can now easily add affordable essentials to your weekly Minifarms shop!


It’s now easier than ever before to complete your entire weekly shop – at an affordable price – through Minifarms.


We’ve recently separated Everyday Pantry items from Shared Boxes, and relocated them smack-bang within the Specialty Suppliers section of your app. 


Simply click on the green star in the middle of your app screen and select Everyday Pantry – you can’t miss it!


With this new, easy-access location comes a greater range of affordable essentials to help ease the cost-of-living pinch.


After all, sometimes you just need rice crackers for your kid’s lunch boxes, or a can of chopped tomatoes for your pasta sauce, without having to splurge.


While cheap, all of our Everyday Pantry items are still high-quality products. There are even plenty of organic items to choose from – without the hefty price tag.  


The most popular new additions include sauerkraut, miso paste, ramen noodles, and rice crackers.


There’s also an extensive selection of pastas, as well as tuna, various milks, canned beans, oil, rice, and more.


Next time you need an affordable pantry essential, why bother venturing to the supermarket when you can conveniently order it through the Minifarms app?


Explore our entire Everyday Pantry range here and discover how easily, and cheaply, you can complete your entire weekly shop through Minifarms.


If you don’t see an item you’re after, reach out to your Pod Leader to make a product request. We are constantly adding to our Everyday Pantry range based on your feedback.


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