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Help Your Pod Fill Donation Boxes For Families In Need

This festive season, Minifarms is helping to provide relief to the people in our communities experiencing food insecurity. Here’s how you can donate!

In the spirit of giving back, Minifarms has partnered with Reverse Advent Calendar Sydney to Northern Beaches to fill food boxes for families in need.

We’re after non-perishable food items, many of which can be purchased through your Minifarms app.

In the Pantry section, consider buying an extra bag of lentils, oats, quinoa, or polenta.

Under Shared Boxes, you’ll also now find an extended range of pantry staples. Check it out for your own interest and, while you’re there, consider adding pasta, canned beans, canned tomatoes, olive oil, rice or tuna for donation.

Simply add any of these items to your next weekly order, then leave them in your Pod’s donation box on Pick-up Day.

While it may only be a small extra purchase, your donations will make a huge difference to people in need this Christmas.

Your Pod will send its donation boxes to one of multiple charities, including Women & Children First, Northern Beaches Women’s Shelter, Phoenix House, Youth Services Community Northern Beaches, One Meal – Northern Beaches Co-op, Mary’s House Services, Gidget, and Foundation Foodcare Centre.

Depending on what charity your Pod is supporting, they may also require fresh produce and sanitary/toilet items. Be sure to check with your Pod Leader to find out what type of donations are suitable.

Help your Pod to reach its donation goal by adding a few extra items to your next shop. It requires a whole Pod effort!


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