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Check Out The Extended Range Of Pantry Staples

Say goodbye to the supermarket shop for good. We’ve extended our range of pantry staples to cover everything from balsamic vinegar to tuna.

Minifarms’ range of pantry products has just expanded so that you can buy more of your weekly staples, all in the one place.

To check them out, visit the Shared Boxes section of your Minifarms app. The new location aims to separate pantry snacks from everyday essentials for ease of navigation.

Not only have staples such as olive oil and pasta been moved to this section, we’ve also added more items to cover all your cooking needs.

From lentils, cannellini beans and chickpeas, to an assortment of gluten free and regular pasta, you’ll find everything you need to complement and create your meals.

Now you can easily grab a bag of rice along with your curry ingredients, or a bottle of balsamic glaze to drizzle over the produce you pick-up for your salads.

We also have a range of alternative long-life milks and juices, available in family-sized 2L bottles and 300ml bottles, perfect for lunchboxes.

It’s just another way Minifarms can save you a trip to the supermarket!

Check out what’s on offer under Shared Boxes when you next shop and add more pantry staples to your weekly order.

If there are other staples you’d like Minifarms to stock, please reach out to your Pod Leader. We always welcome your suggestions!


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