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The Story Behind the Colours

It’s been a good few weeks since I launched this site and I’ve loved having all of you on board! Nothing excites me more than being able to share my love for food and the joy that is meant to surround it.

Given all that, I figured it’d be a good time to delve a little bit into the background behind my brand and blog.

By now, you’ve probably noticed the bold colors that make up my feed or “Mr. Melon” who can be slightly “out there” in the way of a brand mascot.

It’s probably a little different from what one would expect from “conventional” food imagery – the crisp and clean white plates, the rustic wooden crates, or the perfect “too-good-to-touch” (let alone eat) looking produce definitely is a stark contrast to the bold colors I want Minifarms associated with.

I want MiniFarms to be a place where food is celebrated and enjoyed… simply.

I believe food should be enjoyed in its “truest” and most natural form – undecorated, untampered and prepared from the heart.

I want to share the lens from which I view food – how it’s colourful and inviting, how it can be spontaneous and messy sometimes, how it’s fresh and delicious, how there’s lots of love involved in its preparation and most of all, how it’s all about the people who are sitting around the table with you.

Here is a snapshot of several childhood memories I associate with food:

  1. Saturday night dinners and Sunday lunches with my Dad’s entire side of the family. There were about 30 of us all together and my grandma never failed to put a meal on the table for all of us, every single week.

  2. Watching my mom cook in her kitchen.  She taught me all the basics from making an awesome Spaghetti Bolognese to making dumplings from scratch.

  3. Going out to different restaurants and travelling extensively with my parents because they wanted us to try different foods and cuisines. I vividly remember going to restaurants where we would choose our own seafood as it swam around live, and it would be on our plates within the next ten minutes.  To this day, Mom and Dad still drive out of their way to get to the best breakfast and snack joints around.

  4. The best smells that used to come out of mom’s kitchen when she baked my favourite peanut butter cookies.

  5. Being incredibly tired and hungry after school and jumping into the car to find a lovingly packed home-cooked lunchbox for me daily.

  6. Being lucky enough to attend an International School for all of my schooling life, where more than 80 nationalities were represented.  We had the most unique and diverse United Nations Days and Bake Sales, where food from all corners of the globe made it onto the table.

So, with all that comes the conceptualization of Minifarms; a place where I hope to share some of these memories and positive emotions surrounding food so that you can use it as a platform to create some amazing memories around food in your own home! 

I’m definitely looking forward to sharing more of my backstories soon!


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