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Easter Reflections

Hi everyone!

Hope you’ve all had a great Easter! At the same time, I totally get that the Easter long weekend may have bypassed us, seeing that the days seem to be blurring into one.

COVID19 has meant a different pace and rhythm of life for all. Personally, home is now also a work and schooling space.  It’s been pretty awesome so far – the kids are self motivated, our clients are driven balls of energy, and Iker and I have been pretty lucky to be able to shift our work schedules around the kids.

However, it has definitely been a mental challenge to completely restructure our businesses and workloads, so it was nice to be able to mentally check out a bit over the Long Easter weekend.

I’m so thankful that even in the absence of our usual Easter gallivanting (participation in a Giant Easter Egg Hunt somewhere, a brief getaway, catch-ups with friends), we managed to make Easter special for the kids and ourselves.

Slowing down usually also means time for reflection.  So here are some reflections from the weekend:

  1. I had a massive pack to do for my food co-op on Easter Friday.  It’s simply amazing to see how much joy a basket of fresh food can bring, every single week. One of the most common questions from my members – “I get so excited to see what’s in my box each week.  Is this weird?” Nope, not weird at all! I’m so lucky to call this my “job” and so excited to be inspiring Joy though food.

  1. Easter Saturday started with a stair workout with me, myself and I.  I knew it was going to be a challenging one (self-masochist, what can I say?) so I decided to dedicate each stair set that I did to someone I was grateful to in this current situation. I will come back to that in a later blog post.  I recorded a video of myself doing the last set of stairs, pouring out my heart.  I’ll play it back in a year’s time and I think the gratefulness will be a thousand fold.

  1. Easter Saturday also led us back to a bush trail track that I frequented whilst I was pregnant with Leia.  It was so special that she was traversing the track by herself now. The kids spent a couple of hours meandering and watching jellyfish and water dragons from the rocks.

  1. Easter Sunday started with Iker and I waking up at the crack of dawn (totally understand if that doesn’t sound appealing to many of you – ha ha ha!) and even though we did different workouts, we got to work out next to each other.  This happens once or twice in a year.  Sometimes you don’t need to be interacting with a person to make it meaningful – sometimes they just need to be in the same room.

  1. Needless to say, our little bubble was broken when the kids came down saying that they were ready for their Easter Egg Hunt. Iker was in charge of everything this year, and the hunt was epic.  Nothing fancy – just drawings on a piece of paper that they kids had to decipher, and a mass of chocolate at the end.  So simple, so good.

  1. We spent the rest of Easter Sunday doing the simple things – making yarn monsters, cooking, back on the bush trails and riding scooters around the oval.  We didn’t need much else, and it was the perfect sunny day with a hint of chill in the air.

I think we have had an AWESOME Easter and I know I have so much to be thankful for. I also really do think that some of these new “normal” activities are here to stay.  COVID19 has been a wonderful reminder to relish in the simple joys of life.

Enjoy the rest of the week, COVID-style!


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