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What’s All This Chat About Shared Boxes?

Shared boxes rely on a whole Pod effort to make sure the produce you want makes it into your basket. You and your fellow Members will only receive your avocados, for example, if enough of you pitch in to close the box.

So, when your Pod Leader messages your WhatsApp group chat about the status of a shared box, it’s to let you know what you can do to help secure that produce for the week.

It often only involves slightly increasing your quantity – for example, adding an extra avo or two – to get the box across the line.

If you help your Pod to close a shared box, you’re benefitting yourself and your fellow Members. It’s a win-win!

Your Pod Leader is the key facilitator in ensuring this aspect of your community – among many others – operates as smoothly as possible.

Next time they send a message about shared boxes, just know it’s for the greater good of your Pod community. It’s important you stay informed and work together!

If you have any questions about how shared boxes work, reach out to your Pod Leader. They’re always happy to help!


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