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WE LOVE: Beerenberg’s Southern Style Pulled Brisket Slow Cooker Sauce

From the Beerenberg Family Farm in the Adelaide Hills to your suburban kitchen – the Paech family have been handcrafting culinary staples for over 50 years. While you might recognise the familiar name brandished on your strawberry jam jar at the breakfast table, the Beerenberg product range doesn’t end there.

As we near the end of winter, Minifarms is sharing with you Beerenberg’s Southern Style Pulled Brisket slow cooker sauce. A star in the slow cooker sauce line-up, this is a must-try solution to an easy, mid-week meal.

Made in South Australia with locally sourced ingredients, and created by chefs who draw on their own travels and family recipes, this sauce replicates the authentic flavours derived from America’s BBQ-obsessed south, while staying true to our local Aussie producers.

Here at Minifarms, we love this supplier’s products because it aligns with our sustainable ethos. Each bottle gives new life to the ‘wonky’ fruit and veg the everyday consumer neglects, with Beerenberg harnessing the imperfect picks to create something far from flawed.

Combine it with brown onion, orange juice and 1-1.5kg of beef brisket, and you’ve prepared the foundation of a hearty, family meal with the melt-in-your-mouth seal of approval.

As a versatile meal, your slow-cooked brisket can become a family-favourite in more ways than one. Just ask the members of the Beerenberg Appreciation Society (yes, it’s a real thing!), who have enthusiastically shared their Southern Style Pullet Brisket pairings. For a classic combination, the popular brisket burger is achieved with the addition of two simple components – a bun and coleslaw. Other Beerenberg aficionados rave about using Southern Style Pulled Brisket in bao buns and soft tacos, as pie filling, or even as a pizza topping. The options are bountiful.

Need an added feel-good bonus? All Beerenberg packaging is made using recycled materials and, once you’ve scraped every last drop from the jar, you too can recycle it before moving on to the next.

Last month we sold more than 800 bottles, so make sure you grab yours when Beerenberg next appears on your App!


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