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We are Social Animals- Nurturing That Community Spirit

Humans are social creatures. We need to belong to a community.  We rely on cooperation to survive and thrive.  We are most comfortable when we’re connected, sharing emotions and stories, and led by a strong, charismatic leader who is keeping us safe and together.

In today’s urban living, this social need is probably a little out of context. In today’s world, it’s not impossible to survive on your own (or is it?).  However, this trait has most likely dates back to when tribal living was the only option.  Larger groups had better defences against rival tribes and predators.  Together, tribe members were better able to find food. There were reproductive advantages, too. The larger the group, the more likely any individual was able to find a suitable mate.

2020 has seen many of us in social isolation due to lockdown regulations being in place.  The impact of this on our mental health has been potentially challenging because it has not allowed us to connect with our chosen communities.  This forced intermission may have also allowed us to really distill which communities impact our lives the most.

For myself, my main communities are my family, my friends, my gym crew and my food coop.

What communities do you belong to?  Which one have you missed the most in 2020, and why?


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