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The Best Gluten-Free Pies You’ll Ever Try

When setting out to create the perfect gluten-free meat pie, Mason, from Maison Cafe Bakery, had one goal – to find gluten-free pastry that didn’t taste gluten-free.

After months dedicated to searching high and low, he has finally struck gold.

“I tried a million different recipes, and every time I saw a gluten-free product at a butcher shop, or somewhere a bit boutique, I would try it,” Mason said.

His passionate search eventually led him to a lady who makes all her own pastries in Sydney.

“It just tastes like regular pastry! It’s not rubbery, it’s not dry, it’s not hard.”

“It’s so much better than other gluten-free pastries because you can’t tell it’s gluten-free,” Mason said.

“Plus, it’s all certified, she makes it in a special room, with zero gluten involved.”

Armed with the perfect pastry, Mason got to work recreating his best-selling meat pie flavours exclusively for his gluten-free Minifarms customers.

Having studied in a French restaurant in Melbourne, he knows exactly how to transfer delicious flavours into the perfect pie.

If you’ve missed out on the crowd favourite slow roasted lamb shoulder with meat, gravy and roast potatoes, the creamy chicken, or the beef bourguignon – now is your chance!

They’ve already been super popular across the Pods, with our gluten-free Members jumping at the opportunity to taste sensational flavours previously unavailable to them.

Excitingly, Maison Cafe Bakery is now on regular rotation in your Minifarms app – and their gluten-free range is here to stay!

While you’re shopping, keep an eye out for other new products, such as their popular focaccias.

“We make them with a sourdough,” Mason said, “and we do a potato, a tomato, ham and cheese, and an olive.”

Next time you order from Maison Cafe Bakery, know that you’ll be supporting a small, family run business born from a passion for creating good-quality food for everyone – gluten-free or not!


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