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Taste The Difference – Meat me at Minifarms

The result of locally sourced, well fed and ethically bred livestock, is higher quality, tastier meat. Once you experience the flavour, you won’t look back.

Founded by David Macdonald, third-generation Scottish butcher, David’s Larder supplies Minifarms with the best quality meat on the market.

Their lamb is sourced from the Kiewa Valley, just south of Albury, within the Murray-Darling Basin catchment. With naturally lush pastures, clean air and high rainfall, the fertile Kiewa Valley produces a wholesome, grass-fed lamb that is tender and rich in flavour.

For succulent beef, David’s Larder sources grass-fed, grass-finished cattle from the Manning Valley. This means the cattle have eaten nothing but grass and foraged their entire lives – no grains, no hormones, and no antibiotics.

All David’s Larder pork comes from Borrowdale, where free range pork is sourced from ethical, family farms. The pigs are raised in a stress-free environment with a focus on animal welfare practices. As a result, the product that reaches your plate is mouth-watering.

Raised in an open air, relaxed environment, their chickens, sourced from Bannockburn, are also entirely free range. You can trust that this quality of life directly transfers to the quality of flavour.

David’s Larder services all Minifarms Pods and is available on your Minifarms App fortnightly. Depending on your location, it will be delivered directly to your door or be waiting for you on your Pod Pick-Up Day. Please touch base with your Leader to check what the arrangements are for your Pod.

Why not order from David’s Larder next time you shop and taste the quality for yourself? Their chicken schnitzel is a clear favourite, with 100kg selling fast each quarter.


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