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Super-smooth Avocado Green Smoothie

Are you constantly racking your brain trying to come up with ways to incorporate a variety of fruits and veggies in your diet?

I hear you!

One of my fav ways is the good ol’ smoothies. Smoothies are thick and creamy, full of vitamins and minerals, versatile and delicious!

I spent all of my childhood in Indonesia.  A drink that often appears on the menu there is Es Alpukat, loosely translated to an avocado smoothie.

As a kid, I loved the lacings of chocolate that it was typically served with (if you didn’t yet know, avocado and chocolate is a match made in heaven!). It was also an amazingly easy way to pump up my good fat intake!

This recipe is a take on the original Es Alpukat but it incorporates a little more variety. It’s perfect for breakfast on the go or a snack on a hot day!

Super-smooth Avocado Green Smoothie:


1 cup dark green leaves of choice (baby spinach or kale works well)

1 frozen ripe banana

½ ripe avocado

1/3 cup coconut milk

½ cup water or dairy free milk (I love oat milk)

Shredded coconut and chocolate*


Blend everything together! Add in extra liquid if you feel like your smoothie is too thick.

Top your smoothie with a pinch of shredded coconut and/ or choc shavings – both optional but HIGHLY recommended.

Notes:  If you would like to make this a different colored smoothie, try substituting the greens for berries of your choice, or maybe even a whole mango!


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