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Storage Tips To Keep Fruit And Veg Thriving

Minifarms’ fruit and veg is so super fresh, it comes straight from the grower to you! To maintain this freshness, it’s imperative that you adopt these storage techniques.

We pride ourselves on the freshness of our produce and how much longer it lasts in comparison to supermarket fruit and veg, especially considering that it is primarily spray-free.


Without stabilisers to keep it fresh, we rely on effective storage methods instead – disregard them and you’ll sabotage the longevity of your produce.


Here’s what you need to do to ensure your fruit and veg lasts the whole week, and even beyond!


Summer is the most crucial time of year to correctly store your fruit and veg, as the heat will quickly ruin your produce. Stone fruits are easily affected!


To keep your nectarines, peaches, plums, and apricots alive and well for as long as possible, it’s important that they don’t sit out in the fruit bowl for more than 24 hours.


Even if you get a nectarine and it’s hard, exposing it to the heat for too long will turn it from hard to squishy, and you’ll miss out on the prime eating stage all together.


To combat this, the fridge is your best friend!


We all know that berries also belong in the fridge, but where many people go wrong is when it comes to washing them.


Our top tip is - don’t wash your berries right when you get them, only do it when you’re about to eat them. Otherwise, they will go squishy in the fridge.


To keep your lettuce, baby spinach, mesclun salad, and herbs, crispy and fresh all week, it’s recommended that you keep them refrigerated in a container with layers of damp paper towels.


For carrots and celery, if you cut them into sticks and store them in containers in the fridge, they’ll stay fresh all week. Not only that, but pre-cutting will also help with your weekly food prep!


When it comes to avocados, this little-known hack can be a real lifesaver. To keep a whole ripe avocado for two weeks, without it going brown, try storing it in a jar of water in the fridge.


When your fruit and veg arrives home each week, make sure you implement these effective storage methods to ensure long-lasting freshness!


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