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Sink Your Teeth Into Summer Fruits

Summer has arrived and so too have seasonal fruit such as peaches, nectarines, cherries, and melons. It’s time to enjoy them while they’re sweet and juicy!

When it comes to fruit, it’s important to shop seasonally so that you always enjoy the best produce on offer.

It's also the best bang for your buck, as in-season produce is abundant and cheap. Out of season produce is hard to come by, cold stored (this takes away flavour) and expensive.

As we enter summer, now is not the time for apples and mandarins. At this time of the year, they’re no longer in their prime.

By swapping them out for seasonal produce, such as stone fruits, you’ll enjoy sweeter, tastier, juicier, and fresher fruit.

Peaches and nectarines are super delicious right now, and plums and apricots will start to make their appearance on the Minifarms app soon.

In exciting news, cherries – everybody’s festive favourite – have also just landed on the Minifarms app, after a month’s delay.

Because the rain affected many crops this year, you’ll find a lot of cheaper, substandard cherries on the market. Though not at Minifarms!

We’ve chosen to purchase premium grade cherries to ensure the bad ones are few and far between. They taste amazing and are ready for you to indulge in.

Also in season are Australian grapes and members of the melon family – watermelon, rockmelon, honeydew – as well as all the berries, which never go astray on the Christmas table.

Blueberries are particularly good right now, as their thicker skin has protected them against the disruptive weather.

It’s also time to replace Valencia oranges with the Navel variety.

To celebrate summer, sink your teeth into these fresh, seasonal fruits! Make sure you check out the weekly seasonal specials on the Minifarms app.


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