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Score Discounted Produce With Market Frenzy

Now you can grab last-minute produce at a discounted price through Minifarms’ newest feature, Market Frenzy. Here’s why it’s worth checking out!

After you’ve had time to empty out your fridge to make way for a new week’s worth of groceries, you’ll likely realise there are a few items you’d forgotten to add to your Minifarms shop.

Market Frenzy is your new opportunity to purchase some last-minute produce at a discounted price!

Only offered on the morning of packing, it’s essentially the same as when you go to grab something right as you check-out at the supermarket.

Simply buy from what’s available and get surcharged that amount to your Minifarms account.

Not only is it a great way to stock up on extra items and grab produce you forgot, but the discounted prices also are a steal and you’ll be helping out your Pod Leader in the process.

What’s sold through Market Frenzy is the surplus of produce your Leader bought to help close your Pod’s boxes for the week.

They often go above and beyond to dip into their own pockets, and now you have the chance to buy this produce back off them for a much lower price!

Next time you’re short a few apples or forgot to add a cucumber to your weekly shop, check out Market Frenzy, add more to your basket, and enjoy the discounts!



Apr 27, 2023

I sugned up, where are your goods and prices listed

Apr 27, 2023
Replying to

Hey thank you for signing up and joining our online farmers market. See our products here:

please email if you need anything else.

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