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Quality Milk Whenever You Need It

Updated: Aug 30, 2023

Don’t go out of your way to buy supermarket milk. Now you can order high-quality, locally sourced milk through Minifarms whenever you want!

As your one-stop-shop online farmers market, Minifarms now offers you the quality of milk direct from the farm, with the ease and convenience of weekly, online ordering.

Not only is it now more regularly available than before, The Little Big Dairy Co ensure their multi award-winning milk is better quality than what you can buy elsewhere.

That’s because each bottle is single source, meaning the milk comes solely from the 800 purebred Holstein cattle born and raised on a family farm in Central West NSW.

The intimacy of the operation, and the care taken from milking through to processing and bottling, guarantees the quality, traceability, and integrity of every drop.

The result is fresher, better tasting milk, which can be traced straight back to the cow who made it.

From full cream to no cream, lactose free to premium non-homogenised, the range caters to everyone’s preference.

Plus, you get all this goodness for only 75 cents more than standard milk!

Add the convenience of weekly ordering to the equation, and you’ll never have to duck to the supermarket for run-of-the-mill milk again.

However, if you’re after a more familiar household name, some Pods also stock the Paul’s Milk range.

Pick it up alongside your other groceries each week and enjoy the ease and convivence of consistent milk ordering through Minifarms.


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