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Prepacked Veggies Are A Game-Changer

Simplify your meal preparation with prepacked veggies! Cut and packed the morning of delivery, they’re super fresh and convenient.


Thanks to the introduction of prepacked vegetables, we’ve taken the hard work out of your weekday cooking.


Now you can expect the same quality produce we already offer, just conveniently cut and ready for you to use.


Our prepacked mixed roast veggies come cut and ready for you to throw in the oven, and the easy mixed stir-fry combination is perfect for incorporating into a mid-week stir-fry dinner.


You can also save time with pre-cut broccoli and cauliflower florets, which are perfect for popping in the freezer and using at a later date.


Pair any of the veg with a spice mix from Wholefood & Spice, or an inexpensive cut of slow cook meat, and you have yourself an easy, low-prep meal.


With a side of hummus, the baton carrots and celery are a healthy bite-size snack that fit perfectly in your kid’s lunchboxes.


Or, for an instant and fresh salad base, the prepacked shredded red cabbage, beetroot, or carrot is a game-changer. So too is the convenient coleslaw mix.


You can even buy prepacked peeled garlic by the kilo.


Rest assured that, while most supermarket prepacked produce relies on stabilisers to help it last longer in the bag, our veggies are completely spray and stabiliser free.


If there is any other prepacked produce you would like to see on your Minifarms app, please reach out to your Leader.


We’re always committed to providing you with convenient cooking solutions!  


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