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Our Pantry Has Got You Covered

Save yourself a trip to the supermarket, Minifarms has everything you need in Pantry. Here’s what our Members have been loving!

While Minifarms is an online farmers market providing you with good quality fruit and veg, thanks to The Wholefoods Refillery, we’re equally as committed to stocking all your pantry favourites.

With over 250 line items in our Pantry section, it’s your one-stop-shop for basic, weekly items, and tasty, healthy, snacks. There’s no need to visit the supermarket – you can stock your pantry entirely through Minifarms!

If you haven’t ventured into Pantry recently, here’s a sneak peek into what your fellow Members have been loving.

The top selling product is Cinnamon Donut Spread, which has sold a crazy 2,800 jars in the last year. It tastes exactly like a fresh cinnamon donut, but without gluten, oils or sugar – healthy and delicious!

Coming in second are Australian Dried Mango, which we sell around 82kg of each month. Unlike the mango sold in supermarkets, these sweet KP mango cheeks, grown in the Northern Territory and Northern Queensland, have no added sugars, preservatives, or sulphites.

They make the perfect lunch box snack or addition to your grazing platter.

So too do the Australian Dried Pineapple, Crispy Soy Glazed Crackers with Seaweed, and Dark Belgian Chocolate Freeze Dried Strawberries. These popular items are always in high demand.

And, of course, we also have all your regular cupboard staples, like coconut milk, teas, herbs, spices and more.

Next time you shop through Minifarms, see what your fellow Members have gone crazy for, fill your basket with some extra snacks and staples, and avoid that trip to the supermarket.

Did you know we also have more standard pantry items in our produce section? If you’re after cheaper alternatives to feed your family, stay tuned for next month’s story.


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