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Our Favourite Pantry Supplier

The Wholefoods Refillery is a thriving business with humble market beginnings. You’ll love their backstory as much as you love their products!

During a time where many shops were shut and lockdown was upon us, Kathryn and her husband Greg wanted to ensure people could still get their hands on good quality wholefood products.

Having been brought up in Italian and Greek families, Kathryn and Greg’s lives have long revolved around food. Turning their combined passion into a business seemed like the natural progression.

They started The Wholefoods Refillery in August 2020, amidst the pandemic.

“We launched at local organic markets that were still operating, and then built our online store,” said Kathryn.

From Wednesday to Sunday each week, Kathryn and Greg would set themselves up at Sydney’s best organic markets.

“Each day was a 5am start and we were often home at 2pm,” Kathryn said.

“It was crazy long hours and a hard slog setting up marquees and tables each day, but so worth it to be out there meeting customers and seeing what they were after.”

In 2021, The Wholefoods Refillery officially launched online, and with great success. “It went gang busters! So much so that we had to stop doing the markets to keep up with all our online orders,” said Kathryn.

Since then, their product range has been steadily increasing. They now offer over 240 product lines, and their warehousing has tripled.

From their award-winning nut butters and premium, dried Australian fruit to their indulgent milk chocolate freeze dried strawberries, and handcrafted paleo macadamia & cranberry granola, it’s easy to see why people love what The Wholefoods Refillery have to offer.

“We absolutely love finding new producers and makers innovating in the industry with new health options to supply our customers,” Kathryn said.

They are also proud to supply great quality wholefoods to regional customers who often don’t have access to a health food store.

“Our business concept is selling the highest quality pantry, home and body goods,” Kathryn said.

“If we wouldn’t feed it or use it on our own family, we won’t sell it to you.”

Next time you shop, be sure to check out everybody’s favourite supplier – The Wholefoods Refillery – and explore the range our Pods have gone crazy for!


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