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New And Improved Era Of Mason’s Pies

Enjoy the same amazing filling, high-quality ingredients, and recipes, now just with a new look and name. All your favourite pies remain!

Mason from Maison Bakery has recently teamed up with a father and son family business, La Siga Bakery, to elevate his pie offering.


The partnership provides greater opportunity for Mason to create new and exciting flavours, while still delivering the flavour you already know and love!


In the kitchen, Mason will continue to be the hands-on mastermind behind each creation, working directly with the La Spiga team to perfect his recipes.


From a butter chicken pie to a lasagne pie, his knack for reinventing traditional flavours is evolving. He’s recently been able to introduce focaccias and lunchbox style items such as mini pizzas.


As always, Mason relies on high-quality, local meat and premium produce to bring his crowd favourite flavours to life – and La Spiga are excited to help continue this legacy.


They’re also looking forward to working with Mason to perfect the gluten free range so that nobody misses out on a good quality pie.


So, what does the partnership change?


Aside from the addition of new flavours and a greater gluten free selection, you can expect the pies to look slightly different and come without the hefty price tag.  


“With the workforce of the La Spiga team, they are coming in at a much more affordable price point, which I understand is an important factor in the current economic conditions,” Mason said.


Now the family pies are approximately $15 cheaper, and only a little bit smaller – they’re still the perfect size for a dinner-time meal.


“We have managed to do all of this with no compromise in the quality of our ingredients,” Mason said.


While you’ll notice a new name and new look when you next buy your favourite pies, just know that the heart and soul of the business remains unchanged.


Mason is excited to continue tailoring his offerings to suit his Minifarms families.


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