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Never Miss Out On Produce Again

The Minifarms shared box concept encourages community buying, and when it comes to the favourites, like bananas and apples, the method is fool-proof.

However, we know that for produce like, for example, rhubarb, securing a bunch isn’t always possible. If the box doesn’t close, you miss out!

That’s why we’ve introduced the option to buy a ‘Box of 1’ when selecting from a range of produce we judge to be ‘obscure’. This means that, if you’re after uncommon fresh produce, you don’t have to wait for the box to close to guarantee it’s yours.

Whether it be fennel, or even staples such as eggs, the ability to buy in singles now means you can complete more of your weekly grocery shop through Minifarms.

It’s easy, practical and saves you the frustration of missing out on your weekly necessities and obscure favourites.

To ensure you don’t miss out next time you shop, look for the ‘Box of 1’ option on the Minifarms app, available for a select range of produce. Once selected, it’s guaranteed!


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