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More Than Just Fruit And Veg

Meat, dairy, everyday pantry items, and boutique goods – there’s more than meets the eye at Minifarms!


Beyond the fresh, local fruit and veg that Minifarms is renowned for, there’s also a unique range of products set to complete your weekly shop!


Here are some you may be missing out on…


We know that finding high-quality meat often requires an out-of-the-away trip to a specialty butcher.


Luckily for you, through Minifarms you can conveniently order your meat online and pick it up alongside your other weekly groceries.


We champion local, quality meat suppliers, so you can get your boutique butcher cuts without the hassle.


David’s Larder, a local, third-generation Scottish butcher, services all Minifarms Pods with high-quality, grass-fed lamb and beef, as well as free-range pork and chicken.


Plus, we have a range of other local butchers providing quality meat to their small communities, such as Springhill Farm, a sustainable family business supplying Singleton with holistically nurtured, nutritious beef.


Members also rave about our extensive bakery range! Across seven bakery suppliers, there’s everything from cinnamon buns to sourdough loaves.


Plus, the gluten free options are equally as extensive and exciting – we have gluten-free loaves, Byron Bay cookies, vegan and gluten-free treats from Nice Kitty, cake slices, whole cakes, biscuits, and more!


From high-end goods to affordable staples, you can also stock up your entire pantry through Minifarms.


If you’re after organic snacks for the kids’ lunchboxes, or premium treats for your grazing boards, The Wholefoods Refillery has an endless selection of nuts, chocolates, and beyond.


You can also grab essentials like rice, oil, spices, sauces, tuna, pasta, and more!


Last but not least, Minifarms has all your dairy needs covered. From every type of milk you can think of, to artisan cheeses by local producers, the dairy options are endless, and cater to every preference.


Next time you order through Minifarms, be sure to explore beyond the fruit and veg. You’ll quickly realise that you can get everything you need, all in the one place!


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