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How We’re An Online Farmers’ Market

Every supplier you see on your Minifarms app has been hand selected by us, for you. There’s a story behind them all, and a good reason why we choose them.

Minifarms goes above and beyond to ensure you’re receiving the best quality products while supporting the best local businesses.

It all comes down to Kathy’s involvement in deciding which specific suppliers feature on the app. Her decision process is how Minifarms stays true to being an online farmers market.

“My aim is to serve my customers and bring them products that are popular and useful. At the same time, I also want to make sure that we are supporting suppliers who are committed to their craft and have a backstory to tell,” Kathy said.

Her favourite way of finding new suppliers is by trawling through various farmer’s markets across Sydney.

“Often the same suppliers pop up at different markets and they become familiar faces. This is a great opportunity to start a conversation and find out what they're all about,” Kathy said.

This was the case when Kathy made a point of visiting the Nude Foodz stall at the North Sydney Markets each fortnight.

“Fred and I have had many casual Saturday morning conversations, and one day I just asked him if he would be interested in supplying Minifarms,” Kathy said.

In other cases, Kathy will search for the perfect supplier for a product she has in mind.

“This involves lots of conversations with the suppliers I already have, to see if they know anyone that they can connect me with. I love the way conversation can lead to some amazing outcomes,” Kathy said.

This is how Maison Cafe Bakery got on board. Fred from Nude Foodz introduced Kathy to Mason, who popped by with some pie and sausage roll samples.

“We loved them and now the rest of the Minifarms crew gets to enjoy them too!”

Sometimes a supplier approaches us. This was the case with John from Rooftop Bees, who reached out to Kathy asking if she was looking for a local honey supplier.

“From there we’ve built a really nice friendship. Kathy’s been a great supporter of Rooftop Bees, helping to get the brand and product out to the Pods,” John said.

The bottom-line is, a lot of searching, conversation and deliberation goes on before any selection is made.

Because of this, you can have confidence in the fact that the products you’re buying have a backstory – just as they would at a physical farmers’ market!


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