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How We Can Support Your School

If your child’s school has an event coming up, Minifarms would love to get involved. Here’s what we can offer your local community.

Whether through donating fresh produce, bakery treats and pantry snacks, or providing support through monetary donation and sponsorships, Minifarms is always keen to get involved in your school community.

Our track record is strong!

Recently, we donated gluten-free chocolate brownies, pastries, and numerous boxes of fresh fruit for the Roseville Public School and Lindfield Learning Village cross-country carnivals.

We also provided fruit to support the Roseville year six students with their fundraising cookbook project, and donated hampers for the school’s Mother’s Day breakfast.

At nearby Killara High School, the P&C were grateful for our donation of pastries and fruit, which were sold at the Election Day sausage sizzle, with all proceeds retained by the school.

As well as this, we proudly sponsored the annual Parents Fundraising Function at Castle Cove Public School. The ways to get involved are endless!

Plus, the school community is always grateful for the support we provide, and parent and teacher feedback has been overwhelmingly positive.

Sascha, a member of both Killara High and Roseville Public School P&C, said “Minifarms’ personalised communications and logistics were impeccable, and the pick-up process was seamless.”

Once an opportunity is identified, your Pod Leader and Kathy will liaise with your school to bring the plan to life.

To get the ball rolling in the lead up to your school’s next event, please reach out to your Pod Leader. Once an idea is sparked, they’ll take care of the rest!


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