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High-Quality Meals Ready For You To Cook

Everybody struggles to find the time and inspiration to cook something different and delicious for their family each week.


But if you’re not a fan of the standard ready to cook meals offered at the supermarket, you’re not alone.


Excitingly, there’s a far superior Minifarms alternative!


Our legendary meat suppliers – David’s Larder and Springhill Farm – have stepped up to create high-quality, easy meals the whole family will love.


They’re convenient, tasty, and made with the highest quality ingredients you can expect from these top line butchers.


Springhill Farm offers an extensive range of smoked brisket pies – from original to cheese and jalapeño. Better still, each flavour is available gluten free.


Pop their honey chilli marinated chicken nibbles in the pan or toss their chicken satay stir fry in the wok. All you have to add is the rice!


You’ll also love their gluten free red wine and garlic slow cooker meal – where all the meat and veggies are chopped, marinated, and ready to cook.


There’s also chicken, cheese and spinach filo pastries, curried sausages, and kebabs ready to throw on the barbecue.


They even have a perfect fillet mignon wrapped in bacon and topped with garlic butter. Or if poultry is your meat of choice, David’s Larder has a delicious chicken mignon.


David’s Larder also offers a range of easy stir fry meals, such as beef honey soy and Vietnamese chicken.

Try their chicken lattice with sundried tomato and cheese, or their large steak pie – it couldn’t get any easier or more delicious!


They also now stock essentials like duck fat, ghee, and Tassie Tallow.


As high-quality, boutique butchers, our meat suppliers always offer the best cuts of premium, locally sourced meat.


David’s Larder have recently added chicken tenderloins and pork medallions to their offering, and Springhill Farm have an impressive range of farm fresh lamb.


Do yourself a favour and stock up on some ready to cook meals made by the best in the meat business – it’s authentic, home-made style food, without the hassle.


If there’s any particular meals you’d like to see on the app, let your Leader know. And don’t forget to look out for the weekly specials!


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