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Have You Tried These Amazing Meat Pies?

Updated: Apr 24, 2023

Maison Cafe Bakery has quickly become a Minifarms sensation. They’re selling hundreds of pies and exceeding expectations!

A true pastry fan will know it’s not easy to find the perfect pie, and that’s why those by Maison Cafe Bakery stand out from the crowd.

Mason is the mastermind behind the small, family run business born from a passion for creating good-quality food.

You may have already been lucky enough to meet him at a pop-up stall held for your Pod, and sunk your teeth into his authentic, organic, homemade meat pies and sausage rolls.

His creations have been so popular, he’s recently sold close to 300 pies for one Pod alone!

“Our meat comes from a certified organic butcher, we handmake all of our pastry, we don’t use any machines, we use actual lamb shoulder, organic brisket, and we slow cook everything,” said Mason.

Mason is passionate about putting time, effort, and skill into creating high-quality products, that are more than just meat and gravy.

“I’m a chef by trade and I studied in a French restaurant in Melbourne,” Mason told Minifarms.

“I then used those flavours to make the pies, like the beef bourguignon and the slow roasted lamb shoulder. They’re more like meals in pies, than pies themselves.”

“With over one and a half lamb shoulders in a family-sized pie, and with all the handmade pastry, it makes a great family dinner – the value is clear!”

Minifarms Members have a clear favourite pie and it’s “the lamb shoulder by a mile,” Mason said.

“With eight-hour slow cooked lamb shoulder, mint gravy and roasted kipfler potatoes, it’s the perfect balance of savoury and a little bit sweet.”

Coming in second is their apple and rhubarb dessert pie, which people have loved purchasing in a deal of one family pie and two apple and rhubarbs.

Behind the scenes, while Mason cooks, his partner manages the deliveries and accounts, his mother-in-law helps on the front counter on Saturday’s markets, and his two young daughters, ages 2.5 years and eight months old, inspire him every day.

“The demand from Minifarms has allowed us to give more hours to a young chef with a family as well,” Mason said.


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