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H U S T L E. H U S T L E.

How many of you have a side hustle? What do you do?

I feel like all of my jobs are side hustles. Why? I love them all. And I am so lucky to have made them work for my own schedule. None of them take up all my time either.

I run two food co-ops. I am a personal trainer. I am a group fitness instructor. I run the backend of my husband’s business.

Here are a few reasons why you may want to consider a side hustle:

1. Extra money makes things happen faster: Being in debt totally sucks. It’s more than a number. It’s a feeling. Here’s to paying of your credit card, your mortgage or your HECS debt quicker!

2. You probably have more time than you think: Most people think they have maxxed out on the time in their day. This is one of the biggest objections people have about starting a side hustle. Trust me, I totally get it. You’ve got work, the kids and all of their commitments, the laundry pile, meals to put on the table, the list goes on. I would still argue though, that many of us procrastinate during the day. Try to check in on all of your procrastination time in a week. I guarantee you’ll most likely find a few hours that you could put towards bringing in some extra cash.

3. It’s a flexible way to earn money that doesn’t take up all of your time: Usually, you can tailor the time you dedicate to side hustles to your existing schedule. You’re usually your own boss which mean that you can choose your working hours, making it work for you.

4. Side hustles don’t necessarily need prior experience: What I love about side hustles is that there is something for everyone! No matter what your educational background, your previous work experience or your interests, there is bound to be something for you.

5. Side hustles could be your financial saviour: When you have one job or one income stream, your finances are at higher risk if something happens to that job. Why not start a side hustle in something completely different from your day job so that if for any reason your main income stream fails, you still have a buffer?

6. Potential passive income: Passive income is where you aren’t trading time for money. If set up properly, several side hustle ideas can bring in passive income, which is a bonus because you won’t need to dedicate too much time to it (except for the time required to set it all up).

So now get hustling! Watch our next post to see how we can help with this!

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