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From A Local Paddock To Your Plate

One young family’s mission to run a sustainable and holistic farm, has resulted in highly nutritious and tasty meat for the Singleton area!

As first-generation farmers, Adam and Jody Turner started out with nothing but the desire to sustainably and holistically produce nutritious beef.

They bought Springhill Farm in 2016 and, together with their young children, Nate, Skye, and Sophie, have worked hard to bring their vision to life.

“The kids are all very much involved in the everyday running of the farm. Yesterday Nate was out on his horse checking water points for the cattle, and moving a few cattle into a new paddock,” Adam said.

What sets Springhill Farm apart is the use of regenerative farming practices which focus on improving the land, rather than mining it.

“We don’t use chemicals, or synthetic fertilisers, we have a more holistic approach – we try and keep our cattle healthy through mineral supplementation and increasing the nutrition level of the pastures,” Adam said.

By nurturing the soil, and planting multi-species pastures, the Turner’s have increased the biodiversity in their grasses, so that the cattle have a more diverse diet.

“Because our pastures are so nutritious, the actual nutrition levels in our beef are a lot higher,” Adam said.

“We also use holistic cattle management where, depending on how fast the grass is growing, we rotate our cattle anywhere from every day to every week, so they’re always on a new pasture, and every other part of the farm is being rested.”

Not only are they eating well, the cattle at Springhill Farm are extremely happy and relaxed.

“When cattle are less stressed, the meat quality is going to be better, because stress releases toxins which make the meat tougher,” Adam said.

“Our cattle are as quiet as dogs; you can walk up and pat most of them.”

Healthy, happy cattle translate to a more nutritious and tasty final product, which is far superior to what you can buy in the big supermarkets.

If you’re in the Singleton area, you’re lucky enough to have access to Springhill Farm’s grass-fed Angus beef, as well as their pasteurised pork, and free-range chicken.

Though, Springhill is only one of Minifarms’ amazing butchers. Next time you shop, check out your meat supplier, or if you know a butcher in your area that we ought to support, we’d love for you to let us know!


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