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Fresh Fig Breakfast Bowls

Here’s a quick recipe that you’ll be able to whip up in a flash (grab those last seasonal figs!):

Breakfast is such an easy meal to get the kids involved in. It’s often the time of day when they’re (generally) in the best mood, enthusiastic, and hungry!

In our house, breakfast bowls or parfaits are always a winner – they require so little prep time which is great for the kids’ short attention spans.

I typically start them out with a little bowl of delicious (and thick) Greek yogurt and lay the “toppings” for them to choose from in little bowls on the kitchen counter. This allows them to assemble their “pretty little buffet in a bowl” themselves… something they take much pride in. This usually also means they eat the entire thing because they’re so proud of their creation. Win-win situation for all!

This week, our produce of the week was the fabulous fig – perfect because figs are AH-MA-ZING in a breakfast bowl.

For each breakfast bowl:

  1. Spoon 1/2 cup Greek yogurt into a bowl.

  2. Top with as much granola or toasted muesli as you’d like, along with a tablespoon or two of fresh shredded coconut or toasted coconut.

  3. Slice the figs and place on top of the granola and yogurt.

  4. Drizzle on some honey, and enjoy!

If you’d prefer your bowl to be dairy free, coconut yogurt is always a great alternative.

I also love these “outside the box” ideas:

– Mix some matcha powder into your yogurt for a green-tea base

– Steam and mash some sweet potatoes to use as a savoury base and try savory toppings like avocado, roasted cauliflower and sesame seeds

– Try quinoa cooked in a miso broth as a base

– Use leftovers (chilli con carne is delicious)

– Chorizo fried with garlic – oh my!

– Um….any nut butter is always a winner!

Tell me what your breakfast bowl of choice looks like! I’m always on the prowl for new ideas!


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