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Fermented Foods Done Differently

When fermented foods changed Michelle’s life, she set out to share her knowledge so others could benefit the same way she had.


Having been diagnosed with chronic fatigue and struggling with persistent flu-like symptoms, Michelle’s doctor discovered her gut health was very poor.


His solution, which was to focus on probiotics, not only improved Michelle’s health, but ignited a passion that quickly grew into a business – Spiralz Fermented Foods.


Michelle began researching and learning about how you can ferment any vegetables, not just cabbage.


“I decided I was going to try and make beetroot, because it has a similar sourness to sauerkraut, but is also sweet,” Michelle said.


The amazing result inspired Michelle to take her products to the local markets, where the success sky-rocketed. After outgrowing her garage set-up, Michelle moved Spiralz into a factory in 2018.


You might already be familiar with her popular Organic Vegan Mild Kimchi, though her Black Garlic and Mushroom is also a best seller.


“Everyone loves it because black garlic is so good for you, and it goes so well with mushroom. That’s an original one that I created, nobody else makes anything like it,” Michelle said.


There’s also the Organic Spicy Turmeric Sauerkraut, which came about by accident when Michelle made her carrots too hot.


“I thought I should mix some of the plain sauerkraut in with the spicy carrots. Oh my goodness it was beautiful! I then added a real fresh turmeric to give it more health benefits,” Michelle said. 


Her Garlic and Dill Immune Booster Sauerkraut is purposely made chunky so that the probiotics and fibre from the vegetables get down deep in the gut to help fight the bad bacteria and colonise the good bacteria.


Or, if you struggle to incorporate vegetables into your diet and want goodness on the go, the Concentrated Probiotic Shots are for you!


“They’re basically the same as the vegetables, except we ferment them twice to reduce the water content and increase the probiotic content,” Michelle said.


Whatever Spiralz product tickles your fancy, you can rest assured it’s made by hand in small batches, and only using local spring water. Contrary to what a lot of brands do, Spiralz ferments all its products the natural, wild way.


“It’s an authentic ferment, which is a longer, slower process, and doesn’t use any starter cultures. We harness the natural bacteria that’s on the organic vegetables,” Michelle said.


“A lot of experts believe that wild fermentation is the only way to truly get those real health benefits.”


Michelle’s story is testament to these benefits. “It changed my life. I went from struggling to get out of bed and getting sick constantly, to being able to live a normal life,” she said.


“My real passion is for fermented foods to help people the same way they helped me.”


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