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Everybody’s Favourite Specialty Supplier

Nudefoodz’s fresh, traditional, flavoursome foods, are a labour of love, handmade by Fred Sarkis and his family, for you and yours.

Nudefoodz, and the passion behind the family business, is based on tradition, and the belief in using fresh, quality ingredients to revive the authentic flavours of the Middle East.

Fred and his brother, Nabil, have a combined 60 plus years’ experience in food, all of which is overseen by their mother, who reinforces tradition and authenticity at every turn.

“When it comes to making quality food, we don’t want to forget what the past was like,” Fred said.

“It’s about bringing back the old-school mentality that you don’t have to add three million ingredients to a dish. We substitute salt with herbs and spices, and always focus on simplicity.”

Behind each hand-crafted meal, dip, pickle, or sweet treat, is the hard and talented work of one of Fred’s family members.

“Every single person in my family works to make one line of product, and they absolutely perfect it,” Fred said.

“If they go away on a holiday, I will not make that product until they’re back. I don’t want to replace it with something that’s nowhere near comparable to what my cousins and other family members can make.”

Because of this, Nudefoodz’s appearance on the Minifarms app is highly dependent on when Fred and his family have the capacity to cater for us.

Taking care of our Pods is no easy feat. They make their homemade food for us, from scratch, and we eagerly lap it up when it’s available.

Everyone’s favourite meal is the Gozleme, available in beef, chicken, spinach fetta, and vegan. This is closely followed by the beef lasagna, lamb kafta, and lamb sambuski.

You also can’t go past their delicious dips, such as the Garlic Toum - another Minifarms favourite!

What’s more, all of these pre-packaged meals are freeze-able, making Nudefoodz the perfect solution on the nights you don’t feel like cooking.

Unlike many other quick and easy dinners, you’re always guaranteed a meal jam-packed with fresh, quality ingredients, made by hand, and with love.

The cherry on top is that Nudefoodz also has a strong focus on providing dairy free, gluten free, and vegan alternatives. A vegetarian himself, Fred knows how to bring flavour to every meal, with or without meat.

“I’m a Lebanese bloke who doesn’t eat meat. You don’t get too many of us,” Fred said.

Keep an eye out for the next time Nudefoodz appears on your Minifarms’ app and be quick to stock-up on their most popular products!


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