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Easy Beerenberg Brisket

Sometimes we all need a little "go-to" cheat recipe- the one that looks like you slaved for hours- but really was super simple! This time saver will have your crew cheering "More!"

A bit about our special Beerenberg Simmer Sauces:

"We are a proud Australian family with an unwavering passion to make your favourite dishes taste even better.

It all started when we first crafted a surplus of strawberries into a rich jam via Grandma’s pan.

Six generations later, our business continues to grow. As does the homemade love we add to each and every jar and bottle.

One of our greatest pleasures is to hear about all the “Wow”s, the “Mmm”s and the “Oh-yes-this-is-fantastic!”s that you create in your family kitchen thanks to the fresh produce that we transform in ours.

That’s why each and every jam, sauce and condiment we create on the Beerenberg farm has to be the best-tasting product in its class."

What you need:

What to Do:

  1. Sauté your onions in the bottom of a dutch oven** with the oil

  2. Brown both sides of your brisket on high heat.

  3. Place the Beerenberg Southern Style Pulled Brisket Slow Cook Sauce over the meat.

  4. Place the orange juice in the jar- shake to dissolve any left and place in the pot. Add a bit of water if needed.

  5. Cover, turn heat to low and simmer for around 2 hours or until brisket pulls apart easily with a fork. (top up with a little water if it starts to get dry.)

  6. Serve as a sandwich with your favourite slaw or salad.

** This recipe can also be prepared in a slow cooker.


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