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Don’t Let Your Pod Down These Holidays

During school holidays, your Pod will operate slightly differently. Here’s what you can do to make things a little easier for yourself, your Leader and fellow Members.

When Pod Members go away over the holiday season, it can be challenging for your Pod to operate to full capacity.

There likely won’t be as many people ordering, so closing boxes and meeting minimum orders becomes more difficult.

This can be frustrating for you and your Leader, but there are ways we can make it work.

Remember that you’re a part of a bigger community and working together is in everybody’s best interest.

Connect with other families in your Pod to concentrate on closing certain boxes. For example, if there are three different varieties of tomato boxes open, decide among your fellow Members which box you want to focus on closing.

That way, you’ll close one box of a specific tomato variety, instead of not getting any across the line.

It’s also worth buying in singles where you can. That’s a sure way to guarantee you’ll get the produce you’re after.

If you’re after something specific, you may want to consider sharing a recipe in your WhatsApp chat to inspire others to purchase similar ingredients.

This is also a great way to make connections with other families in your Pod and strengthen the sense of community.

Want to help out that little bit more? Now is a good time to order some extra fruit or veg to help close a shared box. Chances are there will be extra mouths to feed during the holidays anyway.

Connect with the families in your Pod by sparking up a conversation and organising to work together these holidays! The collective effort will keep your Pod powering through to the New Year.


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