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Consistently Perfect Produce

The secret to perfect, pesticide-free fruit and veg, involves a state-of-the-art sustainable glasshouse facility, spanning a massive 43 hectares!

Staying true to their name, Perfection Fresh Australia consistently grows the most perfect local produce on the market.

As one of Minifarms’ largest suppliers, we’re lucky enough to enjoy their berries, grapes, heirloom tomatoes, and baby cucumbers – all year-round, no matter the season.

This is because Perfection uses entirely controlled environments to grow varieties often susceptible to weather variables.

These special environments also mean that most of their produce, including some of their berries, which are nearly impossible to grow without pesticides on a regular farm, are entirely spray-free.

Behind every tasty Perfection delight you eat, is a story of innovation!

Their farm in Caboolture, QLD, grows and develops world-leading proprietary varieties of blueberries and raspberries in tunnels designed to protect the crop from weather elements.

Here, they also have a purpose-built Tissue Culture Laboratory for developing and propagating exclusive varieties of fresh, tangy, and deliciously sweet berries.

Four hours north, Bundaberg’s warm climate and significant rainfall proves the ideal location to farm blueberries in particular. The site is covered by a protected orchard that is naturally pollinated by bees.

Then, when the weather is too hot on the mainland, the blueberries and raspberries are hydroponically grown in tunnels in Tasmania instead.

Also pesticide-free are Perfections’ medley of red, yellow, brown and green tomatoes, and baby cucumbers, which are grown in an epic glasshouse in South Australia – the largest of its type in the Southern Hemisphere.

The glasshouse operates on a fully self-sufficient water system where, for every 10mm of rain that falls, 4 million litres of water are collected and stored for irrigation.

They also generate their own electricity for the entire site, and use the heat from this process to help control the temperature inside the glasshouse.

Plus, all the CO2 produced is recycled to help increase plant growth!

Thanks to the extra care Perfection take to nurture their varieties, at Minifarms we get to enjoy fresh and tasty produce, all year-round, without the worry of pesticides.


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