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Complete Your Weekly Order With Award-Winning Cheese

The final component of your dairy shop is now available, thanks to two new cheese suppliers – Hunter Belle Dairy Co and Little Creek Cheese – jumping on board to service our Hunter Valley and Central Coast Pods.

Hunter Belle Dairy Co is a staple in the Hunter Valley community, and for good reason. For over fifteen years, the Chesworth family have been handmaking their speciality dairy product – cheese! – from Brown Swiss cows’ milk which is bold in flavour and creamy in consistency.

Their award-winning cheese range is extensive. From the classic brie and camembert to marinated feta, haloumi, gouda and eight different flavours of cheddar, there are over twenty products to choose from in total.

For those of you on the Central Coast, award-winning, gourmet cheeses, handmade at the Little Creek Cheese factory in Wyong, are now available for you to select on the Minifarms app.

Little Creek Cheese offers the house-hold favourites and more. Whether you’re after goat fetta, fromage, or one of their twelve unique flavours of cheddar, there’s a cheese to suit every meal and occasion.

Look out for either Hunter Belle or Little Creek on the Minifarms app and add your favourite cheeses – plus some new ones to try – to your next order!

For members of Sydney Pods, the wait is nearly over. Expect to see cheese products on your Minifarms app early next year.


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