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Community Event Success: Wholefoods and Spice Market Stall

Community spirit is at an all-time high at the Castle Cove and North Rocks Pods thanks to a recent visit from Simone and her pop-up Wholefoods and Spice stall.

Replicating the much-loved atmosphere of a weekend farmers market, Pod Members have responded wonderfully to the opportunity to taste test the selection of Wholefoods and Spice treats and chat with Simone about their health benefits, all while supporting a local small business.

This free community event, led by Simone, founder of Wholefoods and Spice, a busy mum, Nutrition Counsellor, and Hornsby Heights Pod Member, could soon appear at your Pod location. When it does, you won’t want to miss out on the chance to indulge in the delicious and nutritious gluten free, dairy free, nut free and low sugar cake mixes, spice mixes and organic tea, all made in the Hunter Valley using Australian native spices.

It's proving a fantastic way for Members to try new products, all while putting a face to a favourite Minifarms brand name, as Lisa Towle, North Rocks Pod Leader, explains.

“Having the face-to-face interaction with the maker behind the brand cemented and brought realness and connection to this supplier. Being able to ask and learn how to use the products is so vital, and allows members to see the value in them,” said Lisa.

“Simone’s passion for sharing her love of nutritious and wholesome home cooked food was evident in the way that she enthusiastically took the time to speak with each of our North Rocks members about her products.”

Since the events, both Lisa and Charissa Lam, Castle Cove Pod Leader, have received great feedback from their members.

“It was a clearly well received event because we had a large order for Wholefoods and Spice that following market. The dukkah and chocolate cupcakes were particularly popular,” said Charissa.

Meanwhile, Lisa said the Chocolate and Davidson Plum cupcake mix was a firm favourite in her Pod, “with members commenting on how easy they are to make, as well as being a nutritious lunchbox snack,” she said.

“We look forward to welcoming Wholefoods and Spice back as a Minifarms Specialty Supplier in the not-too-distant future!”

Passionate about what she does, and the quality products she creates, Simone is always keen to share her food, knowledge, and time with fellow Pod Members across the Minifarms network.

Look out for her stall at your Pod location and make the most of a fantastic opportunity to engage with a local supplier.


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