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Check Out New Asian Produce

You asked and we delivered – more Asian veggies are now available in the produce section of your Minifarms app!

Now you can avoid a hike to the Asian supermarket. It’s just another way we’re covering all your weekly grocery needs.

Next time you shop, look for our new produce – okra, bitter melon, and bottle gourd – or existing favourites – bean sprouts, bok choy, and Chinese cabbage, to name a few.

With her Cantonese background, Lilian, East Ryde Pod Leader, often incorporates okra and bitter melon into her cooking.

“Okra is usually stir-fried with garlic, finished with salt and chicken stock. Bitter melon can be cooked in different ways,” Lilian said.

Having it stir-fried with black bean sauce is one popular recipe which balances the bitter melon with salty fermented black beans, meaty mushrooms, and sweet zucchini.

Selena, Glenwood Pod Leader, says her grandmother likes to stuff bitter melon with pork meat and black bean sauce and steam them.

“You can also stir-fry these with egg. The inside part is what makes it bitter. The more you remove, the less bitter it is,” Selena said.

Bottle gourd, on the other hand, is commonly done in two ways.

“In Chinese soup with pork bones, carrots and corn,” Selena said. “It helps cool your body when you’ve had too much fried/junk food.”

It can also be done in braised beef stew with beef stock – delicious!

Next time you shop, be sure to add your Asian produce favourites to your basket or try a new recipe using these funky additions!


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