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Nudefoodz are coming back due to popular demand

Updated: Dec 15, 2022

They're all sold out for the next couple of weeks but don’t miss out in January on the chance to stock-up on your favourite Lebanese and Mediterranean foods. Nudefoodz is coming back to the Minifarms app!

Due to popular demand, we’re bringing back local brand Nudefoodz.

On their first week as a specialty supplier, we sold ten times more than we expected!

When you taste their delicious range of dips, sauces, sweets, antipasto, pickles and homemade meals, you’ll understand why they’re so popular.

Brothers Fred and Nabil created Nudefoodz to share their love of traditional Middle Eastern and Mediterranean foods.

Their recipes incorporate a modern twist and use the freshest natural ingredients to deliver delectable, homemade results.

If you haven’t already experienced the hype, trying the cult favourites will have you hooked. You’ll love their garlic dip (Toum), lamb kibbeh, lamb sambuski and spanakopita.

All Nudefoodz products can be frozen and make super convenient mid-week meals the whole family will enjoy.

Not only that, the majority of their foods are gluten and dairy free, with plenty of vegan or vegetarian options, as well as nut free products.

There are no preservatives and no additives. Nudefoodz is just real food.

If you haven’t already gotten on board, January is your chance to try the delicious range for yourself when they are back in stock! Make sure you look out for Nudefoodz in the Specialty Suppliers section of the Minifarms app (click on the green star in middle).


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