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Big Improvements To How You Order Meat

Say goodbye to the minimum order price and different day delivery. Minifarms has made it super easy for you to order exceptional quality meat!

Minifarms’ focus on delivering quality produce means we’re always determined to supply you with the best. When it comes to meat, we want all of our Members to have access to the freshest and tastiest cuts available.

That’s why we’ve made it easier than ever before for you to order your meat through Minifarms.

We’ve scratched the $100 minimum order per Member, meaning you can now buy as little as you want without the stress of over-ordering or blowing your budget.

This is particularly great news for smaller families, or for people who just want a premium steak for their weekend barbecue.

As well as this, we’ve streamlined how we deliver meat. Now you can conveniently grab it along with all your other groceries on your allocated pick-up day.

It’s never been more convenient to get your hands on exceptional, artisan meat, the quality of which is assured by David Macdonald, third generation Scottish butcher.

His butcher shop, David’s Larder, sources local, well fed and ethically bred livestock, which results in higher-quality, tastier meat for you to enjoy.

Everybody has gone crazy for his beef mince – it’s unlike anything you’ll find in the supermarket. You have to taste it for yourself to truly understand the hype.

Lamb loin roast has recently overtaken the popular classic chicken schnitty as a regular favourite, and single order customers have been loving the New York steak.

For an easy dinner option, honey soy wings have been a huge hit!

Add as much, or as little, meat to your next Minifarms order, and experience the ease of picking-up high-quality meat alongside all your other farm fresh produce.


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