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Bakery Items Worth Your Attention

If you want to order something from bakery but don’t know where to start, here’s three must-try products to pique your interest.

Five different bakeries service our Pods, totalling in a huge offering of around 500 bakery items. Artisan Bakehouse alone has more than 240 products!

From bread loaves to croissants, and gluten free and dairy free options, we’ve got everything you can think of. Though with such an extensive range, it’s difficult to know where to start.

To help you narrow it down, we’ve picked some hot hits we recommend you add to your Minifarms order.

For an amazing morning tea treat, try Cinnamon Morning Buns from Artisan Bakehouse. With a crispy cinnamon sugar dusted shell and soft centre, you’ll be quick to order more.

St Malo’s impressive Schiacciata Turkish is also worth a purchase. It’s over 70cm long and is perfect for a show-stopping family sized focaccia or pizza.

Mezzapica Strudel, by Artisan Bakehouse, also rates a mention. This full strudel log comes in two varieties – apple, and cherry/cheese. Enjoy its perfect pastry crust surrounding a generous strudel centre.

If you trust what your fellow Minifarms community are loving, these tried-and-tested top sellers are also worth the hype.

Artisan Bakehouse’s par-baked pizza bases, available in small and medium, make an easy mid-week dinner. Simply choose your own topping and pop in the oven.

Also from Artisan Bakehouse, Kitty Treats are a variety of gluten free delights, with plenty of flavours to choose from. Or, for something savoury, their Turkish Rolls are popular for lunch sandwiches – they’re tastier than normal sandwich bread!

Sonoma’s most popular loaf is the Soy Linseed Sourdough, and rightfully so. This beauty is major crowd pleaser. Also for sourdough, make any product from Bread Basket your go-to. This friendly Kurri Kurri neighbourhood bakery has nailed their sourdough basics.

Take your pick from these tasty items and try something new from the Bakery section next time you order!


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